US Rear Admiral Ron Horton (5L), Command

US Rear Admiral Ron Horton (5L), Commander of Task Force 73, Commander Jeffrey Kim (4R), captain of the visiting destoryer USS John S. McCain, and Vietnamese Colonel Vu Dinh Han, Deputy Commander of the 3rd Naval Zone (C), pose with other naval officers during a welcoming ceremony at Tien Sa port in the central costal city of Danang on August 10, 2010. Vietnam and the United States stage a fresh demonstration this week of their military ties at a time of escalating tensions with China over territorial claims in the South China Sea. The USS John S. McCain, making a call at Danang with a crew of around 270 sailors, departs on August 10 for a four-day exchange programme with the Vietnamese navy. AFP PHOTO/HOANG DINH Nam (Photo credit should read HOANG DINH NAM/AFP/Getty Images)

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